Pegasus Starter KIT
What's included:

This kit has it all!  Make your own CUSTOM My Little
Pony from start to finish.  The tutorials included in this kit
have step by step, detailed illustrated instructions on not
only generation 3 but also generation 4 My Little Pony.  

What you will receive:

  • My Little Pony (specify color and G3/G4 preference)*
  • Nylon Hair (3 Hanks, in any color of your choice)*
  • Rooting Needle and Thread
  • Acrylic Paint Kit
  • Paint Brushes x2 (spotter 20/0 & mini angle shader)
  • Water Cup
  • 10 Well Tray
  • Loctite Superglue Gel
  • Apoxie Sculpt and Solvent (1/4 lb/ 1fl.oz)
  • Eye Painting Tutorial
  • Hair Rooting Tutorial
  • Sculpting Wings Tutorial

* The colors I offer for G3/G4 MLP vary so when selecting a color please also
select a secondary color to ensure you receive what you want.  For example if
you want pink you may also say "I would like dark pink".  Majority of MLP
colors are in the pink and purple range.

* I order all of my hair from so if you would like an example of
the colors offered please visit her site.  I can't guarantee a specific color but
will get as close as possible, if there is not a color similar to what you have
requested I will let you know and you can select a different color.

* the "Buy It Now" option includes shipping