For those of you that are new to the hobby, or are simply curious about what a
Custom My Little Pony is, I have jotted down a couple of things you may (or may not)
find interesting.

1)  A custom typically starts life as a factory original My Little Pony that was purchased at some point from a toy store\
department store.  

2) There are four different generations of My Little Pony that range from the early 1980's to present and are HIGHLY
collectible world wide.

3) Customizing My Little Pony is a fairly new concept and seems to have gathered steam when the generation three
ponies came out in the early 2000's.

4) Hasbro is the manufacturer of My Little Pony, the company contributes and is sponsor to My Little Pony events each
year that take place around the world.  This includes several events in which custom My Little Ponies can be seen and

5) There are several highly skilled My Little Pony Customizers around the world, some have been featured in magazines
and even TV spots.  The work that it takes to create a custom is impossible to put into words regardless of the seeming
simplicity of a design.  Each custom is a piece of art and is one of kind.
Generation One My Little Pony
Generation Four My Little Pony
Generation Three My Little Pony
Generation Two My Little Pony
I personally prefer to customize Generation 3 ponies.  Below is a list of steps it takes
to complete a pony similar to "Kueen Koi".

1)  Supplies: Nylon or Saran doll hair, doll needle and thread for rooting the mane, sculpting medium (Appoxie Sculpt),
wire for the wings, acrylic paints, Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

2) Once I have decided on the pony mold I'm going to use I remove the head and the factory hair with pliers.

3) I remove all factory paint from the pony body, so I have a clean blank canvas to work with.

4) I select the color/type of hair I will be using to re-root the pony (rooting takes anywhere from 2 to 7 hours depending
on the size and or mold of the pony I am rooting)

5) Begin sculpting the wings (this takes several stages of dry time per side of each wing, I use Appoxie Sculpt which is a
two part medium including clay and hardener)

6) Start painting the eyes, emblems, etc. ( All emblems/eyes are hand painted, there are no stencils or transfers used)

7) Once all of the above items have been completed and the paint is sealed I typically add some extras including
Swarovski crystals.

***A pony similar to Kueen Koi takes approximately 12 to 15 hours to complete and costs between $20-$30 in supplies to

Progress Pictures of Kueen Koi: