G3 MLP's For Sale
All of the ponies I currently have for sale are listed according to the set or release they came from, for instance I will have all of the "Sparkle
Ponies" I currently have for sale listed under "Sparkle Ponies", simply click on the category heading and you will be directed to that specific
page.  Almost all of the ponies that are for sale are MIB and have never been removed for display or play, however I do have a couple that
have been taken out of their boxes for display purposes only, if they have been removed at any point I will disclose that information in the
description of the pony.   I also have several loose ponies that were used for display only, these will not come with a box.  If at anytime you
have any questions regarding a specific item(s) for sale please feel free to contact me.  I do combine shipping so the more items you
purchase the more you will save on shipping.  Thank You :)
Customs For Sale Click on
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$265.00 Including shipping!!

Totem started life as G1 Big Brother Chief.  He was airbrushed in satin black and given airbrushed dapples on his rump
to resemble an appaloosa. He was rooted in two shades of katsilk (black and silver) his headdress is hand sculpted out
of the very durable “Apoxie Sculpt”.  The band of the headdress has micro-fine micro beads that make it look very
authentic.  The headdress has been accented with silver leaf rub to make them stand out.  His “Totem” emblem is HAND
painted (no decal) and then sealed in a matt clear coat.  He is truly breathtaking in person.

  • Full body airbrush, and dapples
  • Rooted in katsilk silver and black doll hair
  • Hand sculpted headdress
  • Hand painted eyes and emblem

I'm asking $265 including world wide shipping.  Click on image for more photos.
Each girl in this set have been rooted in
katsilk/saran doll hair that is super thick and
really easy to brush.  Their bikinis are hand
sculpted out of "Apoxie Sculpt" then given a
hand painted design/ print and sealed in satin
acrylic.  Their eyes are hand painted in high
quality acrylics then sealed in a triple thick
clear coat to make them shine.   They are
$75 per pony including shipping world wide.  I
will combine shipping for the purchase of
multiple items.

  • Rooted in Saran/Katsilk doll hair
  • Hand sculpted bikini
  • Hand painted eyes
  • Hand painted detail work on bikini



Dark Moon started life as G4 “Shining Armor”.  His horn and
hair were then removed; he has been rooted in two shades
of nylon in white and grey.  His body has been given a full
body airbrush in black and white acrylics.  His headdress is
hand sculpted from the very durable “Apoxie Sculpt” (no
mold was used to create his headdress).  I also used tiny
micro beads on his headdress band to make it look more
authentic.  He and his brother are stunning by themselves
but even better together.

Rooted in two shades of nylon
Airbrush detail (full body)
Hand painted eyes and emblem
Hand sculpted headdress (no mold used)
Beading on headdress band
Hand sculpted individual feathers for hair

I'm asking $120 including world wide shipping.  
$120 including shipping
Bikini Ponies:  click on image
for more photos